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General Contractor in Dubuque, IA

If you are planning a construction project in Dubuque, IA, or one of the surrounding towns, one of your first priorities should be to select a general contractor.

For general contractor work in Dubuque, IA, consider Embassy Construction LLC. When you work with us you will receive award-winning service.

What Is a General Contractor?

A general contractor is the primary person responsible for all of the work on your construction project. This includes the work performed by subcontractors. General contractors oversee all elements of the job while verifying that it is completed as detailed in the drawings and defined by building codes and that it meets industry standards. You provide your vision, and they provide the tools necessary to bring it to life.

A general contractor is versatile with the skills, knowledge, and experience to perform and supervise a wide variety of construction tasks. The best general contractors know enough about construction to hire workers, source and purchase parts, and above all, maintain safety standards. You should make sure to select the general contractor who has the requisite experience necessary for your project.

Some contractors have a reputation for being untrustworthy. Some bad apples have given general contractors a poor reputation. But most general contractors in the Dubuque area are competent, honest professionals.

Finding Trustworthy and Reliable Contractors:

1. Know the Type of Contractor You Need

Not all contractors are created equal. Depending on the scope of work your project requires, you should select the general contractor most likely to bring your vision to life. For example, designers excel in projects that entail colors, shapes, light, and design elements. Architects are better handling construction and major structural changes to the layout of a home.

Companies with the resources to both design and build, like Embassy Construction, LLC, can handle all elements of new home construction and significant home remodels. We specialize in larger projects: additions, kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodels and guidance on the design and features that will satisfy your specific wants and needs.

2. Read the Reviews

An excellent way to determine service levels and expertise is to read their reviews, both on and off their site.  Along with reviews, viewing a company’s past projects will help you visualize the level of work they provide. You may also get some inspiration for what you want to be done in your home. You can view Embassy Construction’s reviews and projects on our site. Ask around, local real estate agents are often a good source of information.

3. Make Sure They Are Licensed or Certified and Insured

Just about anyone can call themselves a contractor, put up a website, and take your money.  Researching a general contractor and their qualifications will save you the frustration and potential financial loss of dealing with a fraud. Licensing and certification are essential for more than just ethical and trust matters; it is also vital for insurance and general liability purposes as well.

4. Designate a Timeline

The right contractor will give you a timeline for your project. It has been my experience that the best general contractors in Dubuque, Iowa, are the ones who stick to those timelines. When picking your contractor, work with one that plans ahead and assigns target dates for steps to be completed. Remodeling your home can cause sections of it to be in disarray or be unusable for some time. That’s why selecting a general timeline will keep the project on pace.

5. Recognize Safety Concerns

Building in your home can generate hazardous indoor pollutants. It is essential to discuss any safety concerns with your contractor, especially if you have pets or children in your home. The better remodeling contractors will already know how to limit these hazards and suggest more ways of protecting your home, including plastic sheeting and working outside. If your contractor doesn’t seem concerned about your safety or is practicing unsafe work procedures, it is in your best interest to find someone else to handle your project. 

6. Establish Clear Prices and Payment Terms

A trustworthy general contractor will clearly lay out the costs of demolition, material, labor, and removal of all construction debris. He or she will also respect your budget and not add things to your project that will be too costly for what you desire. It is also essential to find a contractor that will work with you on payment amounts and due dates. A reliable contractor is always honest and upfront, especially about numbers and prices.

What Can You Expect From Embassy Construction?

First, you will receive award-winning service.  When Houzz awarded Embassy Construction with the Best of Service Award for 2019, we were honored and humbled. To be singled out for excellence in Residential Home Remodeling Services fuels our passion for completing every job with meticulous attention to detail.

Are you considering a construction project for completion within the next 12 months?

Don’t wait - the time to get started is now. Do your planning, get your ideas together, and line up a General Contractor near or in Dubuque, Iowa. If you wait too long, the best contractors will be busy, and let's be real — few of us have the patience to wait once deciding to act. You could have that beautiful new kitchen or bathroom by the time most other people are waiting for a callback or an opening.

Contact Embassy Construction today. Call Mike Vondal at 563-581-3338 to learn more about our services and pricing options — and, remember, your initial consultation and estimate is free.