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Home additions in Dubuque are growing more popular. More and more people are calling a general contractor before they call a realtor. Adding on to an existing home is more cost effective and less of a financial risk. You can significantly increase the equity in your home and your net worth.   

Whether you need more living space, another bathroom, or want a fresh look to your existing area, we are the solution to all of your remodeling needs.  

There is a lot to learn about outdoor rooms and living spaces from other people. Pride and craftsmanship go into everything we do, and as a part of that “extra mile” to exceed your expectations we encourage you to visit some of the links on our site you may find of interest.

Because we are “good listeners” we know what it takes to make your home what you want it to be, and then some!   We will work closely with you through the entire process; from design through choosing materials; from breaking ground to the finish carpentry, we're with you all the way.    

We know that significant projects like this can be stressful for homeowners.  Every effort will be made to maintain exceptional lines of communication and meet or beat our deadlines with a finished addition that exceeds your expectations.

Our customers are exceptional and deserve nothing less than outstanding customer service and attention.     

To become the premier general contractor in Dubuque, we are committed to delivering the very best customer service and craftsmanship on every job, from start to finish.   


There are numerous reasons people consider adding a room or second floor to their home. It could be a new addition to the family, the need for home office space, to accommodate an elderly parent or a host of other factors.

Adding a room to your home is more comfortable and less expensive than moving and leaving the house you’ve invested so much time and “sweat equity.” Be mindful not to overlook the schools, your neighbors, the conveniences and your favorite “spots” – these are all a part of what makes "home feel like home.” 

It’s less expensive to add a room than to buy a new home. Would you like to avoid the headaches associated with selling and buying?

Having the right general contractor makes all the difference. Embassy Construction was named the BEST OF HOUZZ 2019 in home remodeling services in Dubuque Iowa and surrounding area. 

Having room additions constructed for your home can be a daunting task if you don't have the right contractor. We specialize in creating beautiful additions. Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. There is no obligation.

As your general contractor, we cover all trades involved in room addition including electrical and plumbing work, permits and inspections. Your addition will match your original home.


The first to step in the process begins with a personal visit to your home. We will listen to your ideas, goals, and needs. If you do not have a design or plan, we can help develop one. 

Smaller projects allow for simple plans. More extensive projects require detailed planning. All of them need coordination and sequencing of the steps to finish efficiently and on time. 

Together we will develop a plan to build your addition. We will prepare and provide you with a quote for the whole project depending on the scope of work and size of your addition. We'll discuss with you the characteristics of your project, the effects on the complexity and costs as well as what you need to live in your home during the project. 


Whether you want a master suite, game room, pool house, above-garage bedroom, home gym, nursery, a walk-in closet, or an expanded kitchen, we are equipped and prepared to construct any room you’d like. 

There are a variety of ideas you can incorporate into your project to shape the concept of your design. For instance, a Four Season Room built-on to your kitchen or living room is a great way to add more living space for family gatherings. In addition to the extra area, it’s also a beautiful source of natural light. 

Before settling for a room addition, it’s always worth looking at other available options because the cost of the project can be much more than remodeling an existing room. For instance, you could re-purpose a little-used bedroom, finish an unfinished attic or basement, or remove/add walls for maximum use of your existing floor space. If these options are not viable, we can add-on. 



When putting on a new addition, there’s one issue that stands out; should I build up, down or out? The most common additions are at ground-level because one-story houses are most common, and favorite rooms like the living room are at ground level. 

If the room addition is to be performed at ground level, excavating the area where the new room will be is usually the first task. We will then extend the foundation. In some cases, a bump out will suffice for a smaller addition. While building out is usually the best option, it takes up much of your space, and zoning laws may restrict your choice of location. 

When building up, you will save a lot of space, but the process will require an increase in weight-bearing capacity of the foundation and underlying walls. The method also involves removal of the ceiling below the new space to enable the addition of wiring and pipes and support the new floor. 

There are also zoning restrictions that limit the height of the house, but this is usually not a significant issue in single standing residential homes. 


Once you’ve made up your mind to go with addition and the type of room you want Once you’ve decided to add-on and determined the place you want, the next step is to finalize the location. 

Whether you want the addition on a particular side of your house or an upper story, we will walk you thru your options. It’s important to flush out all the requirements of the project before it begins; this ensures that you get what you’re looking for and save you on extra costs. Once the design phase is complete, we’ll go over the blueprints with you for signature and scheduling. 

We will make the demo and construction as clean and efficient as possible. We will keep your home safe and handle all the necessary aspects of the new building from drywall, paint or siding, framing ceilings and flooring. 

Each day, our crew will prepare the site for the day’s work by sealing off the room addition with plastic sheeting and tarps to help prevent the transfer of dust and odors into your home. 

The interior and exterior of the addition will match the original house and that your new and old roof will blend perfectly into each other. 

During the new construction, we also ensure that all your plumbing pipes, wiring, and HVAC systems are appropriately interconnected. 

We know how to deal with those unique "problems or surprises” that pop-up during demolition or construction, For example, issues like structural inconsistencies, electrical failures, and plumbing leaks. Everything possible will be done to address them with without sacrificing quality, your budget, or safety. 

Our workmen will ensure that your new space compliments the existing structure of your home and creates an appealing visual effect on your family and visiting friends. 


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