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How to Install a Wood Plank Wall

accent wall with dark weathered boards

Have you been thinking about adding an accent wall to your home?

A wood plank wall adds a beautiful focal point to a room. The hardest part in adding distressed planks to a wall is preparing the wood– cutting and in some cases, painting all the planks to get a uniform look.

How to Install a Wood Plank Wall

This is an easy project, but there are a few things you need to get started: the planks, a level, a Miter Saw, Nail Gun (or a hammer), a Jig Saw liquid nails and caulk.

STEP 1 - Start at the bottom and work your way across the wall with and cutting half of the boards on end, use the leftover pieces to start the next row. If you alternate working from left to right and then right left it is easier to keep the planks level. We recommend using a brad nailer to attach to boards to the wall, but if you don't have one, some sort of adhesive such as Liquid Nails could be used.

Depending on your wall, starting at the top is an option too, then, work your way down. Either way, remove your baseboards to install the planks and then reattach them once your wall is complete.

It is essential to make sure your planks are level as you move along…remember not all of the planks are precisely the same size so you may have to adjust spacing as you go. We used a staggered pattern and didn't use any spacers in between the planks.

STEP 2 - Once you level your boards, just nail them into place. 

STEP 3 - When all of the planks are in place, attach new baseboards. We suggest pre-painting them. You can use the painter's best friend and caulk the top of the wall to hide any imperfections— especially in older homes where the ceiling lines are not always straight.

How do like the floor? 

We installed this floor before adding the wood planks to the wall. When it comes to flooring, we recommend hiring a professional.

Give us a call. We would love to give you a hand.